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Our commitment

Support that is adapted to your needs.

Our Commitment To provide you with personalised support!

The Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne provides personalised support for all innovative projects. A business advisor will review your application and your project

But this is only the beginning of our collaboration.

Together, we will define your action plan, your project completion schedule and cost estimates. Together, we will develop your business plan and anticipate the establishment of your business. We also offer an annual training plan to enable you to develop your skills in the various areas of management sciences. You will have access to expert advice panels who will review and evaluate your project and its relevance. 
Looking for financing? Your business advisor will assist you in presenting your project to the Technopole's institutional or private partners and will help you apply for public funding.

Your business advisor will accompany you along each step of your journey as an entrepreneur.

Our structure

We have over 10,000 m² of multi-purpose, modular space at yourdisposal.

The incubator of company: + of 2000 m ² of premises flexible and equipped in reduced rents, access to the common services. The guides and the experts are nearby. The incubator of company is the ideal place to start your activity and develop it in the best conditions.

The Hotel of company: + of 3000 m ² of space office and equipped, access to the common services. The guides and the experts are nearby. The hotel of company welcomes companies in development.

The Hotels of offices: + 6000 m ² come to complete the offer of the High-tech city of the Aube in champagne. These buildings allow the reception of innovative companies in the tertiary sector. The space is flexible according to your needs.

The science and technological Park: the park of 60 ha pre-fitted out allows the innovative companies to be an owner of their premises. On the park you benefit from a price in the square meter interesting, of the network of technological and scientific skills gathered on the site and the closeness with laboratories, institutions of higher education (Group ESC Troyes, UTT) and other installations (sports complex, training center)


Our support

Des Tarifs adaptés à vos besoins. Selon la phase où se situe l’entreprise

Our rent (in except tax)


According to the phase where is situated the company, The High-tech city of the Aube in Champagne apply price lists being spread out between the loan of premises in a 90€ rent / m ² / year.

During the phase of incubation the company is exempted from rents and from common charge. Nevertheless the privative charge bound to their premises will be at their expense.

In launch phase, an agreement of precarious activity of a duration of the renewable year 3 times maximum can be concluded with the company. The pricing is the following one:


Rent Commons charges Privates charges
1st year 22.87 €/m2/year 0.00 € 0.72 € HT/m2/month
2nd year 30.50 €/m2/year 0.00 € 0.72 € HT/m2/month
3rd year 30.50 €/m2/year 1.27 €/m2/month 0.72 € HT/m2/month
4th year 40.50 €/m2/year 2.54 €/m2/month 0.72 € HT/m2/month

In phase of development, companies integrating this phase will have to automatically be of less than 8 years old. An agreement of precarious activity of 2 years will be concluded with companies:


Rent Commons charges Privates charges
61 €/m2/year 0.75 €/m2/month 0.72 € HT/m2/month

In phase of growth, companies of more than 8 years old enter this category against signature of a notarized lease of a duration of 3, 6 or 9 years.


Rent Commons charges Privates Charges
90 €/m2/year 0.75 €/m2/month 0.72 € HT/m2/month
Our services (in Exept tax)


Mutualized services(Exept tax) :
Postage / collection / distribution of the mail (mail price +18 %), Fax in 0.05 €, Photocopies Black and white in 0.05 €, color Photocopy à0.15 €, Binding in 0.50 €, Sending of parcel in 5.50 €/8.50 €, Access to "PLEASE" platform experts in 1 € the question, Others...

Free services :

Guillotine, Destroyer of documents, Put at the disposal of newspapers and magazines miscellaneous, Access room of documentation, Internet access in common areas, 1 cafeteria, Other...

Meeting room and diverse equipement :
2 small meeting rooms (capacity 12 people max) in 2.29 €, 2 large rooms of meeting (capacity 22 to 60 people max) in 3.05 €, 1 room of documentation / training, PC in 2 € / hour / pc, Video-projector in 2.33 €/h, Equipment stand (plasma screen / table haute/chaise high), Service of breakfast to decorate your meetings 3.34€ per person